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The messages are rooted in scripture and relate to our everyday lives and our ever evolving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Free of Charge

From our February 7th Service at Parkland … Please join Susan Sciaratta as she shares her insights from the Book of 1 Corinthians, and teaches on what ‘free of charge’ really means both back in early Corinth, and today. 


From our January 17th, 2021 ‘Virtual’ Service at Parkland Church. Please enjoy insights and inspiration from Robert Beaven as he teaches from the book of Micah.

The Right Time

From our virtual Gathering on December 27th. Please read the words of Barb, from Galatians 4 about the right time; to send God’s only Son into the world. The text is in PDF, as the internet was not cooperating on the 27th.  It was not the ‘right time’ for our video feed.