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Putting Things On …

From our August 25th Prayer Service … 

Heavenly Father,
With our hearts and minds looking toward You, Your Word, and Your promises, our souls are joyful, hope-filled souls. You are a radiant, shining light. You are healing and miracles. You are grace and blessings. You are warrior, conqueror, friend.

Through life in You, we want to put on the characteristics of Jesus-positive attributes pouring into us and being shared with the world. We lift our eyes toward Heaven and find You and are changed by You. The joy of You, Lord, is our strength.

Precious Lord, we don’t just want to agree with the teachings of Jesus, we want to do something with the teachings of Jesus. We want to move mountains by Your power and strength. We want to rise up in faith and share the good news of forgiveness and eternal life. We want to fan the flames of encouragement, embracing this life as Your hands and feet. We know You are with us in all we do and we want to show Jesus to the world. We put on this hope and joy. We put on the cloak of the love of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


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