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Opening our Hearts to our Neighbors

From our August 18th prayer service … 

Heavenly Father,
We pray to You today, a day given to us to use according to Your will and to the glory of Your name. You showed Your love for us, Father God, by sacrificing Your only Son. In thanksgiving, we pray for our hearts to be as Your heart, willing to make a sacrifice.

Our days are ordained by You – You know what each hour, each moment will look like. But, with Your power we ask that You open our hearts to our neighbors. Create the moments for us, craft the desire in us to want to reach out to those who live next door, behind, down the hallway or down the street from us. Teach us to minister to our neighbors, to invest time in our neighbors, to love, talk, protect and share with our neighbors.

We pray this in the precious love of Jesus. Amen.


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