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Fear is a Liar

From our September 22nd Prayer Session … 

Abba Father, humbly we come into Your presence in awe of the beauty of Your creation. Summer will begin to fade and fall will explode with color, all part of a new season of awakening, a new recognition of Your power. 

Father, we want to acknowledge that fear enters our thoughts every day. Especially in the climate we live in now of sickness, politics, racism, natural disasters, food and financial insecurities, and mental illness. Fear tells us we are not strong enough, not smart enough, not good enough. Fear tells us we are dirty, should be ashamed, and that no one cares or wants to listen.  Fear tells us we will never be, we will never measure up.   

But fear is a liar. 

Forgive us for believing the evil one’s lies and for not trusting in Your will. 

Praise be to the Holy One who loves us fully and completely, inside and out, unconditionally. You, our Savior, know us and You love us; You guard our hearts. Your love, Jesus, melts away fears and lies and gives us a refuge. It breaks down walls and opens doors. In You, we can say no to fear and yes to empowerment.  Heaven’s grace and mercy gives us the security to be able to claim who we are and to know that nothing can separate us from Your love.  As believers, we will not lose faith in the power of a God who conquered death and conquers evil, all through love. 

We pray this to the Holy One, King of Kings, Jesus Christ our Lord … Amen.  


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