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Let joy, begin …

As Christians we are called to love, everyone.  No exceptions.  That’s a tall order in our broken world, but you will find people working together at Parkland Community Church to make this a reality in our community, our great nation and the world.

So with that, we love you.  For who you are, and for your decision to seek more out of life.

Our great pride at Parkland Church is reaching out to others in the community in love, and our genuine love for each other.   If you have found other churches broken into ‘cliques’ of people that either belong or don’t belong, you have just found a church where anyone who walks in the front door is a part of everything.  We say that ‘we are the clique’.  God’s people striving for answers, through the seeking of the ultimate source of love.

Each week we find new ways to show this love.  Through projects where we:

  • Assist the elderly, sick or disabled by cleaning up leaves in the fall; simply because they can’t.
  • Assist at Penndel Food Pantry, or at Jay’s Steaks helping to pack food for those needed help and assistance in our local communities.
  • Hold monthly prayer services focused on healing and peace for people all over the world.
  • Host courses aimed at improving life skills that can transform health, careers, management of finances and strengthen lives.

These are just of few of the examples of sharing love that we are working to ‘build-out’ at Parkland Church.

Bring your gifts.  Bring your heart.  Come to know the love of God, and find the pure joy in sharing this love with others …