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Places where we serve, and our causes …

Parkland Church is rooted in making a difference in our community.  This is our greatest honor; giving ourselves, our talents and our love to the neighborhood, the Bucks County area, our great country and our world.

The following organizations are places where we continue to give our support and our love.  If you have an opportunity to donate to these fine organizations, information is provided below.  If you would like to join us and serve the community click on the button above, and provide your interest on the Connection Card.

Penndel Food Pantry    Help our ministry team support Penndel Food Pantry’s mission to feed the hungry of Bucks County by organizing and distributing food donations … click the blue text to visit the Bucks County Housing Group’s Homepage to find out more. 

Jays Steaks – Parkland       this is not a commercial … We partner with Jay to portion out meats and vegetables for our local food pantries.  We also, as a community, stop by and provide donations to the jars at the takeout window, which go toward feeding the hungry.  

Nuevo Reto Mission      Nuevo Reto is a Christian orphanage in Guatemala serving some of the poorest children in Central America.  Through Nuevo Reto, under-served children receive education, medical care, the Gospel, and daily meals.  We support Nuevo Reto financially, materially and by volunteering at the orphanage.  If you are looking for cause, where every dollar will go to children or wish to find out more, click on the blue text. 

Church Has Left the Building    Once a year, the church leaves the building to serve US Veterans, animal shelters, children with special needs and any other local needs that our people are passionate about.  Join us on this special day, and change lives in our local community, for the better.

CLPRM     Conquering Life Prison and Recovery Ministry serves the families of the incarcerated and those suffering from drug an alcohol addiction.  CLPRM hosts recovery worship services in prisons in Frankford, PA and Bucks County.  They raise funds to pay for rehabilitation programs, Bibles and to care for those incarcerated.

Habitat for Humanity     In 2019, Parkland Church is part of the Faith Build in Morrisville, PA.  We are committed to providing funds and man/woman power to provide a home to live, for a family in Bucks County.  For more information on this important project, please contact Parkland Church.